Cookies are fragments of code installed in the browser, that is, they are text files that are stored in the browser when you access certain web pages. Throughout this article we will talk about the function and purpose of cookies in general and, specifically, at

Some of the purposes for which cookies are installed require the consent of the user. However, if the installation of cookies is based on consent, it can be revoked at any time by following the instructions in this document.

Technical cookies and analysis cookies

In general, we can distinguish between two main types of cookies: technical and analytical. We will talk about them in more detail below and explain what their differences are.

  • Technical cookies: They are necessary for the website to function properly. In the case of, this page does not use technical cookies.
  • Analysis cookies: These are used to save settings, to optimize the website and for activities related to statistics. In this sense, this page uses cookies to store the browser settings and thus optimize the user experience.

Other types of cookies or third parties that install cookies

Some of the services that we will talk about in this section manage statistics anonymously and may not require user consent. These tools can be used to track the behavior and browsing habits of users. For more detailed information, you can consult the privacy policies of the aforementioned services.

Google Analytics (Google Inc.)

Google Analytics is an analysis tool provided by Google Inc. Thanks to the data collected by this service, the behavior of users on the different web pages can be studied. Therefore, this tool is used to analyze the use of a web page and to prepare reports on its activities. It must be taken into account that this information may be shared with other Google services such as Google Search Console. Furthermore, Google may also use the collected data to contextualize and personalize the advertisements of its own advertising network.

  • Personal data collected: cookies and usage data
  • Processing location: Malta

How do I give or withdraw my consent for the installation of cookies?

You can manage the cookie settings directly from your browser. In this way, you will prevent third-party providers from installing cookies on it. Likewise, the different browsers also allow you to eliminate the cookies that have been installed in the past, including those that have been saved through the initial consent of the installation of cookies on this website. You can find more information on how to manage cookies in the most common browsers on the following pages: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and Microsoft Internet Explorer.

On the other hand, there are also different initiatives that allow users to select their tracking preferences in most advertising services. The list is more extensive, but some of the initiatives that allow this option are EDAA (Europe), Network Advertising Initiative (USA), Digital Advertising Alliance (USA), DAAC (Canada) or DDAI (Japan) .

Legal warning

This privacy policy has been drawn up based on the provisions of various laws, including article 13/14 of European Regulation 2016/679 (General Data Protection Regulation).

This Privacy Policy applies only to this site, unless otherwise stated.