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  • Jeep Wrangler: 208 CV power, 180 km/h maximum speed, automatic gear, 4-wheel drive traction and four seats.
  • Country ID/Passport and driving license.
  • 25 years old minimum age: in case of being under 25 years old an extra fee will be charged.
  • Deposit: to be determined depending on the car model.
  • Payment method: credit card.

Barcelona is the capital city of the Catalonia region, and the second most populated city in Spain, a cosmopolitan city rich in history, with many activities to do. With the Mediterranean Sea to the south, about 120 kilometers from the Pyrenees and the border with France, and borders several rivers in the rest of the cardinal points.

Barcelona has hosted several international events that have helped transform it into a world-class city, events such as the Universal Exhibition of 1888, the International Exhibition of 1929, the Olympic Games of 1992 and has also been the headquarters of the union’s secretariat for the Mediterranean.

Barcelona has various tourist destinations ideal for a car ride, world famous and always crowded attractions, such as the Basilica of the Sagrada Familia, Park Güell with sculptures by Gaudí, Casa Batlló, another fantastic building designed by Gaudí. You will find the Picasso Museum in Barcelona that contains 4,249 works by Pablo Picasso from Malaga in all the trends he addressed.

Another world-class attraction of Barcelona is its beaches, which underwent a total regeneration as a result of the 1992 Olympic games, today it has an ideal infrastructure to receive tourists. The beaches are fully central and relatively close to anywhere in the city, they have showers, surveillance and medical services, in addition to having cleaning staff every day of the year.

The climate of the city could be classified as Mediterranean, with average temperatures that are located at 18 degrees Celsius, which generally translates into a fairly pleasant temperature while driving. In summer, a temperature of 26 degrees Celsius can be registered in the Bay Area, but at its maximum it can reach 28 degrees, and 22 at the minimum, making it ideal for a ride in a convertible.

Barcelona has an urban layout in the form of a grid, which greatly facilitates driving and orientation, especially if you are a tourist, the Eixample area, people are quite civilized when driving and respect the traffic signs at the foot of the letter. This city is a very popular destination among tourists from all over the world, but also among Spaniards. With its tourist attractions and rich history, this city does not disappoint anyone who thinks of visiting it.

The Ronda de Dalt and the Ronda Litoral form a circle around the city of Barcelona, ​​with access to each peripheral neighborhood and which greatly facilitate reaching the desired destination, especially if the city is not known. The Ensanche area is the most central area, below the Diagonal and above the Gran Vía, and from the Plaza de España to Plaza Francesc Maciá are streets in the shape of a grill, easy to find your way around and with parking lots in all areas. streets, so there is no problem in parking.

If you want to know this city, it is easy to drive, orient yourself, and it also has a pleasant enough climate to go by car to various destinations.

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