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Ibiza is a dreamed summer destination, a paradise belonging to the Balearic Islands, with 210 kilometers of coastline and more than 40 islets. In addition to the obvious natural beauties, the island has a very lively holiday atmosphere, its coasts offer numerous parties and many options for discos and night entertainment centers.

Many clubs like Privilege, Eden, Amnesia, and the world famous Pacha, which host the legendary parties hosted by David Guetta. This is why it is a reference as a destination for the youngest, but it also has quieter beaches for people who seek tranquility, and that even have typical craft shops of the region. The Insular Council of Ibiza is promoting a more relaxed and familiar type of tourism and that they even force some clubs to close at 6:30 am.

This island has a semi warm climate, in the southern half of the island and in the northern half a semi Mediterranean climate. There are tourist monuments such as the Cathedral of Ibiza where the image of the Virgen de las Nieves, the patron saint of Ibiza, and headquarters of the island’s diocese, and other urban monuments, such as the monument to Joaquín Vara de Rey and the monument to the corsairs.

Traffic on the island is usually quite calm, and with this climate a convertible or some sports car would be the ideal choice for a young couple, and if you want a family outing, a utility vehicle would be just the thing. In general, the island has fairly clear roads, and in the busiest places like the accesses to the beaches there is always room to park, and everything is quite organized.

In the center of the City of Ibiza in high season, parking areas are regulated, but in the surrounding areas they enable quite a few stalls, which makes it very easy to find a place. The marina area encompasses many popular clubs and restaurants for international tourists, and is the most ideal place to start an evening stroll that will probably end at dawn.

This island is a paradise with a Caribbean air, but within Europe, which motivates tourists to visit and explore it, traveling by car is an obligatory and pleasant activity. This island is so beautiful that in November 1999 it was recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site for its natural, historical and tourist values.

The 572 square kilometers of the island, and 41 kilometers from north to south and 15 kilometers from east to west and that make your journey by car quite fast and fun. The island offers a very varied and pleasant topography that any utility vehicle can navigate with ease. Even a sports car can also be the fun choice for touring the entire surface of the island.

Consider the possibility of visiting this Mediterranean paradise on vacation, its transit is light and easy, the drivers respect the rules and you can enjoy a very pleasant motorway ride.

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